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Something I have learned this year is that a simple piece of jewelry can say a thousand words.  And those personalized pieces?  Those are the ones I find myself gravitating to time and time again as I get dressed.  I love having a little reminder of my family around my neck all day long.  It just makes me feel better and be better.  Like a piece of them is always with me wherever I go.  Sappy Sapper-ton…I know.  It’s my old age, remember?  Well today Meegan and I are sharing the stories behind our new initial necklaces from j.lawson designs.  To say we love them is an understatement.

ASHLEY & TONY Initial Necklaces and Glass Bead Earrings from j.lawson designs

Tony and I met at the ripe ages of 18 and 20 and married at 19 and 21.  To say we were babes is an understatement.  But I think(looking back) I knew from the beginning there was something different between us.  It was just easy.  No drama, no fuss..just easy.  We quickly became inseparable.  Now 13 years later he is still my best friend.  A journey through infertility, building a house, one kiddo, and then two, our life together has had its ups and downs..but in the end it is always us. Initial Necklaces with j.lawson designs Initial Necklaces from j.lawson designs

Our first date consisted of…wait for it…..Tony inviting himself to a college basketball game I was attending, then inviting himself to my apartment to watch a movie and if that wasn’t enough, a tutorial given by Tony himself on the insides of a shot gun shell. He like cut it open and everything AND used our white board to draw pictures..because apparently I wasn’t getting it.  Now is there any doubt why I married this guy?:)

Watching him become a father has been one of the best things I have experienced in our life together.  Nothing is sweeter than seeing my babies faces when their dad walks through the door.  Love is the only word I can use to describe it.

And in honor of that love(stop with the mush already) I got an A and T initial on my necklace.  It’s a powerful reminder that we are a team in this thing called life.

 Meegan & Keaton

There was a point when I had a very specific plan for my life. VERY SPECIFIC. Like married with three kids (two boys, one girl) by the time I was thirty, and would be living anywhere BUT Idaho, kind of specific. For a long time that plan seemed very attainable. I married Jason when I was 21 (best decision ever) and within the first year of marriage, despite being on the birth control shot we found out our little family was meant to expand. I had the easiest pregnancy (gained 60 lbs because I took eating for two very seriously) and had a fast, trouble free delivery.  Nobody could have prepared me for the amount of love I would immediately have for Keaton. There’s just something about being a mom that adds a sweetness and a completely different purpose to life.

I am one of those parents that thinks my child is perfect. He slept through the night early, potty-trained in a few days (all his dad’s work), has always been sensitive and wise beyond his years even from the time he was teeny. He truly is the best, most valuable gift I’ve been trusted with.

Flash forward twelve years. I turn 35 this year. With that age also comes a little bit of wisdom. I had a death-grip on the plan I had made for my little life until I  turned 30. Until it was blatantly obvious that I am not in control.  I couldn’t force any of that to happen. I needed to sit back and live the life I was meant to, and allow myself to enjoy every milestone and minute with the gift I had been given. Hence the K on my necklace. Not that he let’s me forget what a gift he is… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish I could stop time. I wish I could make him hold my hand in public, and still let me kiss his little lips. But that’s just not the stage we’re in anymore, those rare occasions are little gifts that melt my heart when they happen. For now I get to sit back and admire the young man, his father is shaping him into. I just hope we’re doing enough to make sure he knows how precious of a gift he actually is.


Here is a little bit about Jen from j.lawson designs:

-           Moved from the Midwest to Seattle in 1991 (yes, I’m THAT old) after graduating from Butler University.

-          First job was in a bead store, started my line full time in 1994.

-          Worked like a fiend making jewels until we had our triplets in 2004.

-          I love making personalized jewelry for people!  Combining stamped sterling charms with birthstones and special something’s!

-          People can order through my Etsy site or contact me directly at

 -           I only use sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi precious stones, swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads.

-           I offer a 100% guarantee on my stuff.  If you get it and don’t love LOVE it, please send it back.  Nothing makes me crankier than an unhappy customer!

-          I love to do at-home trunk shows for people.  Grab a group of girlfriends, some wine and cheese and I’m there to show my cute stuff!  (seattle area only of course…unless a free plane ticket is involved.)

And check her out on Etsy here!

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  1. 1

    rrh27 says

    I love these stories- both so well done. Ash, I don’t remember hearing the part about the shotgun shell before. Hilarious!

  2. 4

    Jennie says

    Aww man! Meegs, you totally have me crying now! I love everything you wrote. I can attest that keaton was pretty much the perfect babey. And an amazing kid! I hate that Zach doesn’t want to hold my hand either! I love that I have been blessed to watch him grow up and see the amazing boy he has become. You are a stellar mama. ♥yuh

  3. 6


    Beautiful stories and what a journey both of you had with the husband/son and family in general. What better way to celebrate the love and bond but with a reminder aka the pendent/necklace. I wish you all the best. Glad I found this blog through Alison’s link up.

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  4. 9


    great stories…great photos!!!
    Lovely jewelry too!
    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle:)
    Hope you all have an awesome weekend:))

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