Long Haired Ladies: YOU NEED A DRAIN WIG!

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This contraption may save marriages… seriously.

www.flatstoflipflips.com Drain Wig

For the past, oh I don’t know three years, (feels like an eternity) I’ve been trying to grow my hair out. Mostly because I’m lazy. Long hair, especially all the messy “I woke up like this,”  looks are way easier than styling short hair for me. This is the longest I’ve had my hair, ever.  All growing up I remember having the fondly referred to “mushroom cut.”  Then before the start of sixth grade my mom chopped my hair off into a very short not quite pixie look. We had just moved to Washington, I was starting at a new school, on the first day I heard one of the boys ask another kid if I was a boy or girl. Awesome.  Started growing it out that very day. I would grow it to shoulder length or just past, then get sick of it and chop it. A few times I had it cut into a pixie. That was my routine every two or three years. There was a pretty long a-line phase in there as well… Now I’m back to growing it. Just call me Rapunzel.

www.flatstoflipflops.com Meegan's hair

This length is a big deal for me. I have a love/hate relationship with it though. When my hair is longer, I feel like there is hair EVERYWHERE. Gross? Yes. I was on a medication for migraines a couple of years ago that made my hair fall out by the fist fulls. I don’t know if I ever really recovered, I feel like I lose ridiculous amounts of hair still.  And with hair everywhere, it’s hard on vacuums and the plumbing! Oh man.  You want to torture a husband (I’m pretty sure it works with any man) leave a hairy drain sloth in the shower for him to find. That move could start a war in our household. Not good. (I’m gagging at the thought) Just to clarify I don’t purposefully torture my husband. (unless he really deserves it) I have good shower etiquette, promise. But our plumbing still suffers despite my good etiquette, and I hate pulling up drain sloths just as much as the next person, throw in an overly sensitive gag reflex and it’s actually a source of entertainment for anyone unfortunate enough to witness it. 

Two solutions: Cut my hair off (not really a solution, just yet) or use a drain wig. A WHAT!? A DRAIN WIG. That’s what you called the little gift you were leaving in the shower for the husband… me to.  Until I now.  (Cue heavenly angels singing)

DrainWig in shower drain smaller

The drain wig is the best thing for keeping my long-ish hair from turning my shower into a shallow shower-bath. You place the little beaded chain through the drain (if you want detailed instructions go here) and let the flower sit on top. It does a good job of keeping some of the hair from going down the drain, and the stuff that get’s past the dainty little flower get’s all tangled up in the rubbery things on the chain, and creates a little wig of hair that you pull up out of the drain. No Drain-o required! GENIUS!!! Here’s a little technical view of how exactly it works, for those who may be skeptical:How DrainWig Works

Put the chain in the drain. Forget about it. When the you notice your shower draining a little slower, and the shower-beginning, you (make your husband) remove it and… (brace yourself) Voila!

Used shower DrainWig smaller

It’s nasty. I know. But do you have any idea how many spring essentials I can add to my wardrobe now that I won’t be buying Drain-o by the gallon!?

As you’re getting into the swing of spring cleaning do yourself, (and your husband) a favor, go to DRAIN WIG use discount code “FLATS2FF” for 10% off. They’re $12.98 for a pack of two, you can’t afford NOT to get one!!! Get ‘em ordered and throw a drain wig in your shower, you’ll thank me.

meeg color correct

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