Modest Wedding Style {with RADIANT ORCHID}

This post made possible by Jen Jen House. All opinions are 100% my own.

Somebody still has a wedding on the brain (THIS GIRL!!!-yeah with exaggerated thumb gestures and everything). Last week I found out the happy couple decided on a date! YAY!!! Then I found out the date, April 11th. My birthday. I had a moment of selfishness (LOVE YOU JAKE!) And then got over myself and realized I get to celebrate with my brother every year for evah! And then realizing there’s a little over a month before the wedding I immediately started thinking of what I was going to wear. AGAIN. It’s been on my mind since the announcement of the engagement. Maybe because I don’t frequent many weddings or events that warrant chiffon, satin or tulle or really anything of the fancier sort.  Such a sad story, I know. Since this wedding will also be my birthday, (or the 6th anniversary of my 29th year) I want fancy.  I’ve been looking. It is slim pickins for fancy and somewhat modest. So I’m calling on fashion heavy hitter Olivia Palermo for a little inspiration and maybe something like these looks.

olivia palermo image004button up with dress

WHAT!? Are those button up shirts under fancy strapless dresses. Yes. Do I think I could handle that. You betcha. Will people at the wedding look at me funny? Probably. I’m excited about the whole idea of it.

So the next step… naturally was to find an inexpensive strapless option that I could make work with a fitted white button up of some sort.  Piece of cake. I went to JenJenHouse found a bajillion strapless options of every color, style, and length.   These are a few looks I’m considering:

My sister in-law is up on current trends and chose RADIANT ORCHID and GRAY as her wedding colors. I think it is a beautiful color combination and will look very classy.  The only thing set in stone as far as my wedding garb are the shoes. Purchased and on their way.  I am leaning toward dress #2. It’s classy, not as prom like as dress #1, has a little more length than dress #3,  and would look cute with a radiant orchid ribbon or a skinny shiny belt. As far as the collared shirt is concerned, I went short sleeve because it will be spring and found two options I liked. #4 shirt is simple, fitted and would go well with all three dresses. #5 shirt has a fun sleeve detail and I think it would go best with dress #2 because the dress is so simple.  Dress #2 and Shirt #4 are my preferred combination. I think the necklace is a perfect little pop of pantone color of the year! (and not pictured is the radiant orchid nail polish I plan to rock as well!) The best part of this look, the husband is totally on board. The entire look I chose, when everything is said and done, is around $200.  But let’s not forget it’s my 35th birthday that day. Try arguing with that. :) Maybe feeling put together will help me battle the wedding and birthday emotions. (who am I kidding!?)

What’s your take on the dress & shirt look when trying to keep it modest but trendy?

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  1. 1

    LornaMi says

    How do I put this gently? Yet, I tell myself you ARE asking for opinions. Here goes: it may be a choice that you regret in five years when you see the pictures. Like “what the what was I thinking?’ I find it awkward, and the two pieces to be incongruous. Jeans and a sequin t-shirt work; a tailored dress shirt and strapless cocktail dress do not. My opinion but I’M BEGGING YOU DON’T! There are modest dresses to be had.

    • 2


      Thanks Lorna, I appreciate your honesty. We’ll see how it looks when I have a chance to try it, or something similar on. Shopping online and recreating looks is all good in theory. Once on, it could be a flop. Being adventurous or different isn’t always the popular choice. Thanks for your perspective! :)

  2. 3

    Denise R. says

    Weddings are always fun to shop for, especially when you get to enjoy the day without all the stress. Just a fun little side note; Nathan’s birthday is April 11th and he’ll be 35 too! Small world :)

  3. 5


    The options you chose (2 and4) are the perfect combination. I think they are the two that would make the look seem most natural! Can’t wait to see it – wish I had this much creativity! It’s always just a LBD for me.. womp womp :)
    Tessa recently posted…Being GratefulMy Profile

  4. 7

    LornaMi says

    Now I feel like a rat… why can’t I just say “go ahead, rock it, girl!” Gahhhhhhhh, I’m sorry x a thousand! I would be most interested in the “engineering” aspect: how secure will a strapless stay in place on top of something other than skin (like a cotton or poly or silk blouse)? And will the blouse climb up your hips and abdomen to emerge from the strapless dress top, waving like a bunched-up flag of surrender?

    • 8


      Lorna the joy of fashion/style is that not everybody has to agree on it. I second your concerns, Like I said this could be a complete flop. Your comment cracked me up thanks for taking the time to stop by! -Meegan

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