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I was contacted by to do a post with my Best Back to School Mommy Hack.  You can check out all of the Best Back to School Mommy Hacks at I was not compensated for this post.

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As a shopaholic  someone who appreciates shopping you can imagine my excitement that this would finally be the year I get to take a child back to school shopping.


You can also imagine my devastation when I excitedly explained back to school clothes shopping(including a lunch date with me)to said child and he said, “Oh, mom….you can just pick out my clothes for me.  I don’t need to go.”

What the???

So like any good parent I busted out one of my best parenting techniques…bribery.

Or more technically I created a game of back to school clothes shopping that will make any child excited to go shopping with dear old mom.

All you need is to print off a Back to School Shopping Passport below and a stamp.

Have your kids carry the passport around and stamp the item off when you have found it.

It is also a great way to help an indecisive child(raise your hand if you have one of those).  It keeps them motivated to make decisions by having them stamp the passport along the way! 

On a sidenote I don’t recommend taking all your kids at once(or maybe at least go to a store with a cart.  Containment is key with 5 and under:)  It just may make your head explode.  Not kidding.  The good thing is that both children were very very very enthusiastic to both shop and stamp which may have led dear old mom to become overwhelmed(that’s a nice way of putting it).  At one point I was also doing my best Octopus mom impression by holding both passports, stamps, clothes, the camera and my purse.   
Good thing they are cute!

Happy Back to School Shopping!

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